Reasons for Back Orders

This is to explain the reasons we have had for the last few months a problem with our products being in stock . Our factory in Mexico has been having problems with their artists getting the Covid-19 and this has caused the production slow down.

We have a Back Order Policy that allows you to place an order for the products you want. If your order contains items in stock and some out of stock with estimated due dates our following Back Order Policy will apply. For an example using this option allows you to confirm that if the item is not in stock and has an estimated in stock date you can confirm that item will be set aside in our inventory for your order.

So until we get our stock back in order our Back Order Policy can work for you. The following email will be sent when you place your order and include my direct phone number for any questions you may have.

This email is to explain our Back Order Policy. Our inventory is adjusted for your order so that your complete order (In stock items plus B.O. items) is able to be filled when our inventory is replenished. Your Back Order goes into a special Folder and will be filled before new orders. When I receive confirmation from the warehouse that your order is in the system and set aside, the funds will be captured and held until order is filled and shipped.