Mara Stoneware Dinnerware Sets - 16pc - Odd and Square Shapes

Each of Mara's 16 pc Stoneware Dinnerware Sets - Odd-Shaped designs shows her mastered technique with brush and stylus. We see her universe on parade in all of her decorated stoneware pieces. Flowers, birds and geometric designs all represent her personal vision and display her unique perceptions of the world. Whatever your preferred tastes, you should be able to find a stoneware dinnerware set you would enjoy owning. Mara's Stoneware Dinnerware Sets are fired twice at high temperatures and finished by hand. Minor imperfections and color variations are therefore a common characteristic of hand-finished stoneware products. Stoneware is a very durable material. It will last for years while keeping its original beauty. Almost all of our dinnerware sets have a Mara Pasta Plate 12in and a Mara Serving Platter that will complete your Mara set.